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Four Reasons To Replace Your Downspout With Rain Chains

by Jamie Carpenter

Rain chains have been used in Japan for years, but for some reason, people are still stuck on using downspouts to move rain water away from their homes. Possibly because there is this myth surrounding rain chains, which is simply that they don't work. However, this is far from true. In fact, rain chains work just as well as downspouts but with a more unique flare. Here are four reasons to replace your downspouts with rain chains this year: 

  1. It's Peaceful: The sounds of the rain water flowing down the rain chains creates a unique and peaceful sound. The best reason you want this is if you enjoy sitting outside on your patio during a rainy day. The sound provides a sense of relaxation and allows you to also soak up the rainy days that you love. However, even if you don't love rainy days, a rain chain can help you embrace it a bit more. 
  2. You Can Add a Pond: At the bottom of the rain chain, you can attach a pond that collects the rain either for future use or to catch frogs. You can get as creative as you want with this and have a unique feature for your home that uses natural water so it doesn't become a water wasting feature on your property. 
  3. You Can DIY It: If you are into DIY projects, this just might be the perfect one for you. You can even purchase a DIY rain chain kit that will make it a bit easier since it comes with all the parts that you need. If you prefer doing it completely on your own, there are plenty of online resources to help you with the collecting of parts. 
  4. Copper Is In: Copper is making a huge come back and provides a beautiful, unique, and modern look for your home. Rain chains generally come in copper, which not only looks beautiful, but also creates an even more unique sound when the water flows through it. This is because of the hollowness of copper that makes a beautiful echo sound as the water flows by. 

These are just four reasons to consider the installation of rain chains for your home. There are many unique options, so it's definitely worth it to take your time to find the right style for you that is going to provide all the benefits above with your own style twisted into it,