Creating A Beautiful Home

Gray And White: A Decorating Delight In Every Room Of Your Home

by Jamie Carpenter

If you are looking for the perfect way to brighten up your living space, look no further than the colors of gray and white. Not only will they bring instant light into any room, they also have eye appeal and are soothing and relaxing. Adding gray and white to the rooms of your home will make your living space a delight to come home to and will make your home the perfect place for entertaining friends.

In the kitchen

If you want to make a dramatic statement in your kitchen, consider painting your cabinets a medium to dark shade of gray and using a soft white color for the walls. To add a pop of color, buy home décor products in a black color. Look for black wall clocks and art pieces with black frames.

Small kitchen appliances and gadgets are also a great way to add a contrasting color. Choose black if you prefer a more sophisticated look. Red and yellow also goes great with gray and white and will add a warm and cheerful appeal to your kitchen.

In the living room

Using gray and white in the living room is the perfect way to change the appearance of the room. If your living room is small, choose a light gray paint for the walls and white paint for the ceiling. Consider choosing white furniture. Brighten up chairs and sofas with dark gray pillows or throws.

For a large living room, a dark gray color for the walls will provide a dramatic effect and make the room appear cozier. Choose furniture in white and gray geometric patterns to create a modern or contemporary look and to contrast well with the color of the walls.

For a soothing and refreshing look, buy home decor products in various shades of gray and white. Adhering to the gray and white theme will give your living room an elegant look while at the same time evoking a peaceful and serene feeling.

In the bathroom

Since bathrooms are typically smaller rooms, choose white or a very light gray for the wall color. Accent the bathroom with dark gray rugs and a shower curtain. Buy home decor products in patterns of gray and white to add character to the room.

Again, black is the perfect decorating partner to gray and white. Shop for waste paper cans, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and other accessories in black to complete the look.

In the bedroom

Gray and white can be a bedroom decorators best friend. Naturally soothing and refreshing, when combined, gray and white will transform your bedroom into your own personal haven of rest. Choose a medium gray shade of paint for the walls. White sheer or lace curtains and a white comforter will add the perfect touch of serenity to your room. Choose accent pillows in light shades of gray

When shopping for home decor products, it's best to stay with the gray and white theme for ultimate relaxation appeal. A simple white vase with a long-stemmed flower will brighten a nightstand or dresser. Avoid cluttering the walls with too many décor items. Select one framed picture to be the focal point of the main wall. A combination of gray and white candles, arranged on a bed of river rocks, will add a touch of ambiance to the room.

When it comes to home decorating, you can't go wrong with gray and white. Whether you prefer an elegant or a simple look, gray and white won't disappoint you. When used together, they truly are a decorating delight. Buy home decor products online for more ideas and assistance.