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3 Benefits of Using Commercial Mulch as Part of Your Commercial Landscape Design

by Jamie Carpenter

When it comes to landscaping your commercial property, it is very important that you use items that are going to not only look good but are also going to be effective. One such type of landscaping supply is going to be mulch. Mulch is a made up of a combination of things, such as bark, compost, and/or leaves and is going to serve a variety of purposes for you. The mulch is generally going to be easy for you to find at a local plant nursery, and is going to be fairly affordable in terms of landscaping items. This article is going to discuss two excellent benefits of using commercial mulch as part of your commercial landscape design. 

Improves Moisture Retention

If you have flower beds, plant beds, or trees, then it is going to be an excellent idea to place your commercial mulch around all of these areas. The mulch is going to cover the dirt and is going to give the bed, or the area around each of your trees, a more finished look because it will cover up all of the open dirt. More importantly, the commercial mulch is going to do an excellent job of helping the moisture stay in the soil surrounding these plants for longer. Since retaining the water is going to reduce the amount of water that the soil needs, this can save you a great deal of money on watering costs for your commercial landscaping. It is also likely going to help your plants stay healthy and strong because they are going to have the amount of water that they need to grow and thrive.

Reduces Weed Growth 

One of the most annoying things to deal with when it comes to caring for your commercial landscaping is weeds. These annoying things seems to pop up everywhere, and they are so hard to try and get rid of. One great way to help reduce the amount of weeds that you have growing up and into everything is to use mulch. Before you put the mulch down, you are going to place landscaping fabric over the dirt, you will then put the mulch right on top of the fabric. The combination of the fabric and the mulch will effectively stop the weeds from coming up through, and will greatly reduce the amount of time that you have to spend pulling weeds on your commercial property.