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Keeping Your Store's Gutters in Great Condition

by Jamie Carpenter

If you just purchased a store, you will soon find out that the maintenance of the exterior will help in keeping customers returning to your establishment. Failing to keep your gutter system in good working order can lead to water dripping over the sides of the gutters, possibly splashing those visiting your store as a result. Dirty gutter systems will also appear unfavorable to those coming to take a look inside of your building. Here are some steps you can take to help keep your gutters working and looking as they should .

Hire Some Maintenance Assistance To Clean Gutters

Hiring someone to help with the maintenance of the exterior of your building will come in helpful in keeping it from becoming damaged or altered in appearance. This person can tend to the gutter system as a part of their routine tasks, ensuring it will be kept free of debris at all times. An alternate idea is to call a gutter service to take care of gutter cleanings regularly. Gutters should be tended to several times a year, in addition to any time there is a bad storm where branches or leaves accumulate within them.

Repair Any Damaged Portions Immediately

When a crack or hole becomes present within a gutter system, it will be important to take the time to have it repaired in its entirety as soon as possible. Failing to fix a damaged gutter can lead to the escalation of the size of a crack or hole, making you need an entire replacement as a result. If water is dripping from a gutter, it will need to be evaluated to determine which portion is in need of repair. Flashing and caulk can be used to effectively repair smaller damaged portions. Bigger tears may necessitate the need to replace portions of the system and can be handled by an installation service.

Make Sure Gutters Are Straight For Water Flow

If gutters are sagging or bent, water will not make its way to the downspout for dispersal to your business' property. Gutters can be realigned with assistance from brackets to keep them secure. This will help in straightening them so they do not appear disheveled to those looking at your establishment. Brackets can be easily added with aid from screws and a power screwdriver. After placing brackets under your gutters, add a gallon of water to them to see if water moves toward the downspout properly. Make any necessary adjustments to the bracket positioning so water does not flow in the wrong direction.

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