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Five Ways A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Care For An Aging Parent

by Jamie Carpenter

A self storage unit can come in handy at many different points in life. If you have recently been taking more and more responsibility for your aging parents, you might want to consider how much a storage unit could come in handy when you're trying to clean and organize your parents' home. 

The following are five reasons why a storage unit can help if you're trying to assist your parents in downsizing or organizing their home as they get older:

Help you to avoid having to throw away keepsakes and mementos

One of the most difficult things for the elderly is parting with beloved keepsakes and mementos. Of course, it might be hard to keep all of your parents' favorite belongings in their home because they've accumulated a lot of possessions by this time in their lives.

With a storage unit, you can conveniently store beloved keepsakes and mementos that your parents would be devastated to part with. At the same time, you can remove these items from their home so that they don't take up limited storage space. 

Make it easier to find things around your elderly parent's home

If your elderly parents are starting to forget and lose things, a storage unit can help. With a storage unit, you can remove clutter from your parent's home and make it easier to see and find items that are easy to lose like keys, wallets, identification cards, eyeglasses and more. 

Allow your parents to move into a smaller home or apartment

A storage unit offers extra storage space in addition to that which is offered in your parents' home. With a storage unit, it may be possible for your parents to relocate to a smaller and more manageable property.

Remove potentially hazardous items from their home

Parents who are experiencing serious issues like Alzheimer's disease need to be protected from potentially harmful items around the home like knives, firearms, heavy sporting equipment, and more. A storage unit makes it so that you can place potentially hazardous items in storage and always be present and aware when your parents are around these items. 

De-clutter their home and make it easier to keep it organized

Your aging parents might not be doing much housekeeping anymore. This can make it challenging to keep their homes comfortably and safely organized at all times.

With a storage unit, such as at Empire Self Storage, you can remove excess clutter and make it so that straightening up your parents' home is only a matter of arranging a few loose items here and there.